Strongman Movers - Bad experience

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This joke of a company was to be at my house at 9:00am and didn't show up till after 12:00pm and when I called this *** he couldn't.Find my name or phone number and acted like he never heard from me and then one of the so called movers brought his girl friend with him and they a led like they were in high school.

This guy is a big time loser and has no idea how to run a company what a clown he is.This guy also is very unprofessional at what he does also this clown showed up with the wrong truck don't use this company ever they out right suck there are a poor excuse of a moving company.



Strongman Movers LLC of Maitland Florida would like to be very clear.This is not a related company and we do not have any type of affiliation with this company.

Please call us should you have any questions.407.644.MOVE

Stay Away From Strongman Movers from Milford Nh

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Stay Away from these losers .If you want poor service from a half *** mickey mouse outfit then call them at your own expense.

They delivered a piano and forgot parts for it and said they would send the parts they forgot ....and never did. I called politely several times only to hear lie after lie. I gave them over a month Total pieces of ***.

As I said they are a couple of sack less cowherds .

Stay away and go with a professional not a couple of rag bag idiots .

These morons had more than enough chances to take care of their screw up.I was polite and gave them the benefit of the doubt far longer than they deserved.


Peterborough, New Hampshire, United States #792175

Google Robert Gagnon Milford NH and see what pops up first!

Amherst, New Hampshire, United States #687375

This home owner was drunk and rude! All these staements are false...Unreal lol :zzz

Burlington, Illinois, United States #675034

Rob Gagnon of strongman movers in Milford NH is a *** and a neo nazi! Just google him!

Manchester, New Hampshire, United States #594372

This is a professional moving company with great rates and professional men. I have used them a few times myself and have recommended them to friends who have been very happy with their services. I wouldn't use anyone else for my large or expensive furniture.

Amherst, New Hampshire, United States #589428

Sorry to here, but it seems theres 2 Strongman Moving companies out there.The NH base company is great!

:) Great movers and great prices.Would reccomend to anyone.....


They are just one of many fly-by-night half *** moving company's out there today. Save yourself time and a lot of aggravation, and just hire yourselves a professional moving company.

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